About Vouched4U

Vouched4U is an innovative, smart mobile referral rewards App with focus on earning rewards for users’ venue recommendations and driving footfall to partner outlets in hospitality, wellness, entertainment and retail venues. Vouched4U provides referral reward and deals platform through an App for merchants in the following four categories: Food & Beverage, Leisure & Attractions, Wellness & Beauty and Retail & Other Services.

The App uniquely digitizes the traditional word-of-mouth for users to share their outlet experiences, rewarding both referrer and referee and creating sustainable revenue growth for our partners.

Vouched4U App lets users who have used an outlet and liked the experience share the venue with friends, colleagues and family. The user earns cash credit each time their recommended friends/family visit the first time, make the minimum spend and get the merchant confirmation. These earned cash credits can be redeemed on the user’s next visit to the outlet. The recommended friend (referee) gets a huge discount when they accept the Vouched4U referral. In order to claim the discount the referred user must visit the recommended outlet and spend the minimum amount required. Terms and Conditions apply. Once the referred user is done and they liked the outlet they too can start their own referral of the outlet to their friends, family and colleagues. In effect gift them huge discounts and the referrer earn cash credits too. A two-sided rewards system that rewards both referrer and referee.

Additionally Vouched4U offers advertisement and promotion of merchant offers to members. Members gain credits back on the spend value of offers which can be used at the issuing outlet.

Based in Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates and serves partners and users in all emirates including Dubai, Vounched4U is building the next generation rewards platform. Vouched4U is disrupting the rewards market with a strong focus on user and partner convenience. The Vouched4U platform allows partners to setup their own deals for users to access. Users only visit one platform for access to all registered merchants referral rewards and latest deals. The centralization of rewards for everyday services in one user friendly app provides ultimate convenience.

We are always on the lookout for top talent who share our vision to add to our team. Our team embrace and embody a culture of integrity, humility, curiosity and passion along with grit. At Vouched4U, we believe trust is the key that get friends and family to visit recommended places hence its very central to our mission and ultimately the way we work.

Vouched4U is proud to embrace diversity and equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of colour, religion, race, sex, national origin, disability or any other characteristics protected by the applicable laws. Our candidate selection process and decisions are solely driven by job-related factors.

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